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The Process of Losing Weight

I’ve been blogging and advocating about healthy balanced diet and some practical weight loss tips and that everyone should not expect to lose weight overnight. The process of losing weight the right way is not that easy yet it’s not that hard as you think it is. We just have to look into the right combination of diet and workout regimen whether it is high intensity or low intensity. And recently, there have been a bunch of weight loss camp coming out in order to deter boredom, as replacement in going to a routine workout in the gym.

We all know and statistics have shown that most of those who lost interest in continuing their workout are due to the lack of determination from the start. Repetitive regimen is another factor that might lead into discontinuing the whole program itself. And a fitness retreat to break that monotony might be the good solution and perhaps the only way to shed that excess flab in a healthy manner.

A weight loss retreat is what I’m talking about because the four walls of the gym could be a humdrum but being in nature and making changes in the environment should help you attain your desired weight and losing inches in your waist. But don’t forget that losing weight and getting rid of the unwanted fats is not just about training and food but also having a good rest is important as well. A relaxing environment will add to a restful sleep and in regaining your strength and endurance.

Image from wikimedia commons. Reposted from hubby’s blog.

The White Christmas Holiday

The weather is getting colder each passing day, at the same time our son got colds again for the second time in two weeks. It wasn’t that bad comparing from the previous one that he had fever; the only thing is that he won’t be able to eat some foods that would irritate his throat so he won’t be coughing more.

All of these have something to do with the changes of the weather and that also means the white Christmas holiday is just around the corner. And it will be time for gift giving for the loved ones and being godparents as well. The good thing now is that you can just easily search in the internet for possible presents right at the comfort of your house. Just like department56 who offered wide selections of holiday giftware and collectibles that is suitable for any ages.

Another good thing about online shopping is that, they can offer you to deliver the product/s you bought from them at your doorstep without extra cost. Although some offers free shipping only when you reach a certain amount. That is why you should verify it before you check out your orders. Good luck to all online shoppers out there and may you have a happy holiday.

Looking for Affordable Printing Materials

Every time I looked on our wall, I really can’t believe how time run so fast yet it is happening. It looks like it was only yesterday that I gave birth to our son and I could still remember the time when we first brought him home from the hospital. Then we celebrated his existence every month of his first year. It wasn’t lavish at all as long as we have something for him just to celebrate his growing up. And now it was just a few weeks ago when we celebrated his third birthday at the church with a very lovely happy birthday prints made by our church mate.

I thought it cost her some serious amount to do it but she said that it wasn’t that expensive and all the materials she used can even be found in an ordinary gift shops. I wonder if there are shops who accept rush orders like for overnight prints that doesn’t cost so much or that is just affordable and within our budget. I was thinking about it already because it won’t be that long when our son will turn four next year and you know already what kids would want in their birthday. I’m pretty sure he will invite his friends in his birthday or was it just the parents who are more excited than the celebrant itself?

I believe that most of the time it is the latter. Isn’t it? I know many can relate to it.

We Went to Watch Barney

Today is the second day of the Muslim celebration of Eid al-Fitr and since hubby is off today, we went to the city center so our son can watch the Barney show. It was already almost five in the afternoon when we left the house and we have enough time to travel before the next show will start. We actually have to drive more than 35 kilometers from our house to the city center where the show will be held. In normal days it will take us about 40 minutes to reach the city center and since today is holiday, there is less traffic on the road.

We arrived about 15 minutes before six in the evening so we still have enough time to locate the show area without rushing ourselves. But then we just learned that it wasn’t until seven o’clock that the show after the four o’clock will start. And there’s nothing that we can do about it so we just roam around the mall to see what was opened already since it is relatively new. In fact, there are still spaces that aren’t open yet and some stores are making their finishing touches as well. Since there’s nothing much to look around and the mall is not the huge so we decided to just go back to the showing area and just wait there. Then out of nowhere, out feet brought us to the opposite side of where we came in and there we learned that it was where the show will be held. And the one that we went beforehand was just a playpen for kids.

Lucky for us since there are only limited seats available for the show and the area isn’t that big as well.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

Signifying Your Membership

Being a stay at home mom is tough when you are dealing with a very active toddler that keeps on running all day long. And probably the only time he stops running is when he is asleep but at the back of my mind I have doubts too. So anyway, during one of my cleaning days in the house, I moved a lot of hubby’s things like books, journals, magazines and some stuff that I am sure has something to do with his previous work. And one that captures my attention is this big piece of metal that looks like a coin yet it is not since it doesn’t carries any denomination at all.

More so that it has an engraved marks pertaining to a specific government organization. And when I searched online, there’s a lot who collects, buy and sell such coins. Although you cannot just simply buy challenge coins especially when it has something to do with prestigious and known organizations as this kind of coins were given to members only so as to signify their membership. Yet in the military it was also given to individuals as a gift in certain occasions or when you have done something extra ordinary at work, at least that’s what hubby has told me. Maybe that’s where he got this big and quite heavy piece of coin.