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End of School Year

The time of the year has come for the school year to end and our son will now have to endure a week more before the summer break. In fact, his final report card in Nursery was given to us already late last week. So far, he is doing great in his first year at school and according to his teacher he’s been improving each day since the start of the class. And since summer vacation is fast approaching, I think it will be the best time to buy travel logo mugs as gift for relatives and friends back home in the Philippines.

We’ve been waiting for our son’s vacation so he can visit his grandparents and his cousins again. We even planned of having it in early June so he will have a very long vacation in the Philippines. And I’m sure that you are also waiting for the “but” to come and be mentioned anytime soon. You are right that there’s a “but” in it and it’s a little bit sad yet it is also good in some way. It is sad because we cannot go home to the Philippines but good in the sense that we are expecting a new member in the family. Yes, I am pregnant and we are hoping and praying that God will give us a girl this time.

Planning for Our Vacation

I’m starting to make a plan for our vacation in the Philippines this coming June. But I still need to talk first with my son’s teacher since the school vacation is scheduled not until July. At the same time, hubby is afraid to let our son miss his school but I told him that it will be fine since our son is still in nursery. Despite of it, we have already booked our tickets a few days back and the next thing we need to do is to book our domestic flights going to Cebu and Bacolod. And I’m planning to visit my school when I was still in college.

I also remember during one of my visits to the old churches that the common unpleasant scenario or should I say an eye sore, is the lack of aesthetics in the mic stands, that it looks like nearing its use of date. Often times it is not just the stand alone but also the wires and the microphone itself. So I am hoping that the next time I’ll visit them, it has been replaced and are already pleasing to look at. They may not get an expensive one but at least it should have a professional looking that can be featured in the Grammy Awards just like the cool 6 mics stands and cords at musicians friend which I’ve read in my friend’s blog.

The Best New Year’s Resolutions

It is at this time of the year again when New Year’s resolutions are created or to some even before the year ends, then it is also of that same year if not within weeks or months when most failed to attain the goal or goals they have set. I’m sure many of you out there can relate to that statement and I believe there’s so much truth about it especially to those who have gained a few inches during the holiday festivities. And does anyone know the reason/s or what went wrong why so many New Year’s resolutions became failures and hard to stick with?

Well, if you’re going to ask me then we will have the same answer as I don’t know either but I seem to agree in the article and it says that many just simply set unattainable goals. And many experts believe that the best New Year’s resolutions are those that you can keep. And in my opinion, I think you’ll be more likely to stick with your resolutions if you create and establish realistic and achievable goals. And as hubby has always said in his blog, there are just too many people who try to do too much and too fast in order to gain immediate results.

That in the end will simply put you up in failure and there’s no sense in making one if you realistically know that you cannot do it. And to borrow someone’s phrase which goes like this, “Start small, build your confidence and your motivation will skyrocket.” I think you just have to choose and set an objective that you can do and that will work for you and easier it will be to achieve.

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A Good Gift for the Holiday

It’s less than ten days already before Christmas holiday and I have seen a lot of shoppers in the mall as well. Perhaps they want to avoid the crowd in the last minute shopping spree and at the same time, there are lots of shops who are offering discounted prices. Branded products are on sale also anywhere in the malls, so everyone is tempted with the reduced price tags.

I am just hoping that I can find a Chuck Taylor designs like the converse high tops at musicians friend because it will be a good present for my relatives considering that it never come cheap in regular season. That’s why everyone should take advantage in this kind of situation when they are on sale and also buy products during their off seasons. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a good bargain during those times. So I hope that you already bought your presents for your loved ones and relatives before they run out of stocks.

The Process of Losing Weight

I’ve been blogging and advocating about healthy balanced diet and some practical weight loss tips and that everyone should not expect to lose weight overnight. The process of losing weight the right way is not that easy yet it’s not that hard as you think it is. We just have to look into the right combination of diet and workout regimen whether it is high intensity or low intensity. And recently, there have been a bunch of weight loss camp coming out in order to deter boredom, as replacement in going to a routine workout in the gym.

We all know and statistics have shown that most of those who lost interest in continuing their workout are due to the lack of determination from the start. Repetitive regimen is another factor that might lead into discontinuing the whole program itself. And a fitness retreat to break that monotony might be the good solution and perhaps the only way to shed that excess flab in a healthy manner.

A weight loss retreat is what I’m talking about because the four walls of the gym could be a humdrum but being in nature and making changes in the environment should help you attain your desired weight and losing inches in your waist. But don’t forget that losing weight and getting rid of the unwanted fats is not just about training and food but also having a good rest is important as well. A relaxing environment will add to a restful sleep and in regaining your strength and endurance.

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