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Upgrading the Fiber Optic System

It was early this month when our internet service provider came to the house to upgrade the system that was already a fiber optic. In general, it went smoothly as they have replaced everything including the TV receiver and more to it, is the installation of the new wireless router. All of it at no cost and no additional monthly expenses to shoulder.

Although there was a little glitch and was never resolve as the technician wasn’t able to successfully reconnect our laptop wirelessly. But the good thing is that I can now use my Galaxy II to connect in the internet, which I haven’t done in the previous one.

The following day, hubby was able to fix it and we are able to use the wireless connection of the laptop although it was very slow. My husband would say that it would take ages before it can open a single webpage yet it is quite fast when it is wired. The funny thing that hubby learned why the technician wasn’t able to connect it is that, he did not install the CD for the new router. That was really hilarious why it did not come across his mind knowing that he is a trained technician.

This just reminded me to tell hubby of calling the company so it can be reported that our wireless connection is very slow so we can watch movies again in a louder speaker.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

The Fairy Hobmother

Since I started blogging, at hubby’s hustling, I have learned a lot of things and ways how to earn online. And while I’m watching him visiting sites after the other, I could not help myself but to read some of the blog entries and it made me so interested to join the bandwagon of bloggers who want to be visited by this mysterious online fairy. He has given lots of bloggers across the globe with what they wished for and I am hoping that one day I will received my own surprise gift from him.

What made it very interesting is that the Fairy Hobmother (that’s what he was called) asks nothing more than spreading the joy and happiness that everyone have experienced so others can experience as well. Many have said that by leaving comments to as many blogs as you can, would lead you to get his attention and who knows one of these days you will be the next lucky blogger. But as for me, I am still waiting for that chance that he will pass by so I will know what it’s like to be showered with his blessings.

The Antivirus Mogul is on the Run

The antivirus software founder John McAfee has been running from the authorities in Belize where he is wanted for questioning in connection with the murder of a Florida businessman. He fled to Guatemala with his girlfriend to seek asylum but was later arrested as he enters the country illegally and eventually rejected his asylum bid. Then he was hospitalized a day after he was arrested due to alleged heart attack but was released and sent back to detention center.

McAfee says he faked the heart attack in order to buy time so he won’t be deported back to Belize. After days in the immigration detention, John McAfee avoided extradition to Belize and was sent to the United States instead. Now that he is free, he said that he can now settle down and live a normal life for there is no hope for his life if ever he is returned to Belize.

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Your .com Domain at $0.99 only

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Protecting Your Private Information

The laptop of my hubby is my refuge when it comes to my online activities and is the only gadget that we have in the house in accessing the internet. So it is necessary that we must take care of it if we don’t want to be cut-off from the world wide web. Having a reliable anti-virus is a most and is only one of the many things that must be in place in order to protect your personal information and the life span of your computer.

And speaking of protecting private information, you should be aware that when you delete data or format hard drive, don’t assume that the files or documents are completely erased already or no longer exist in your computer. For it only takes a basic knowledge in computer to find and recover private files even if the hard drive has been reformatted. There are a lot of available software out there that will do the trick in order to completely and permanently erase the files and documents, especially the sensitive one. Remember always to securely save or transfer your sensitive files to a separate hard drive if and when you leave your computer to the technician.

Securely wipe out the entire drive data and files then erase all remnants of deleted data is the only way that you can prevent your private information from falling into the wrong hands.