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Helping a Friend to Buy His Guitar

I always heard hubby telling about his close friend that he was helping him to earn some extra bucks so he can buy the guitar that he’s been longing to have. Hubby gave him some assignments to write from time to time for his desired guitar but I am not sure if he is going to buy the Gibson guitars. I am not really familiar with guitars even though I love to sing because playing it is a big constraint already. And it discourages me to pursue in learning how to play despite my eagerness to learn.

Right now, you can find different types of guitars and different sizes as well. Many are also hooked up with electric guitars even it is a little bit expensive than the traditional one. Although not all are the same because there are also classic guitars that is expensive that is because of the kind of wood that they use in making them.

Image from wikimedia commons.

Software for Music Productions

Music production nowadays is so easy although a bit complicated than it was before but it somehow reduces the number of days when you are going to make one. Everything right now is digital so all you have to do is study and be familiarize with the sophisticated gadgets and its software like the presonus studio one at Musician’s Friend. It is advertised as a cross-platform recording and production software for the purpose of music production.

It can be run for both Mac and Windows and right now has four different versions starting from beginners up to professional. And since its release from manufacturing, there have been so many changes and upgrades that offer tons of new features and enhancements. Then starting from its launch, many companies announced its support so it can easily be integrated with plug-ins from other products.

Knowing Your Motorcycle Helmet Safety

Motorized vehicle accidents are everywhere and could happen any time. I think there’s only one reason why it is happening and it boils down to the attitude of the driver. No matter how careful you are on the road yet you don’t know what kind of driving attitude the motorists around you. And often times it ends in a tragic event when the driver is speeding especially if it involves motorcycles. It is the reason why motorcycle helmet is necessary and important when you are driving any kind of motorcycle and in whatever speed you are travelling.

The helmet is your only head protection when you bump into something or someone bumped onto you. And make sure also that you are using the appropriate helmet with the right safety specifications that passed the safety guidelines from proper authorities. That being said, many thought that whatever type of helmet will do already and is enough. At some point it may be right but when it comes to safety standards, you should use the one with approved safety ratings. And as hubby always said, if you think safety is expensive… try injury!

The Gray Area That Separates Music and Noise

I may not know how to read music notes and all of its elements, like the pitch and the rhythm yet the sound and silence which forms the medium of music is still quite fascinating for my ears to hear. There may be a lot of forms on how to create music but every one of them vary according to its cultural background and social context, I suppose. Some are influenced but the gray area that separates music and noise always depends on individual preference.

And with the advent of modern technology, music has been transformed dramatically with the use of electronic effects which you often seen in guitars. Somehow, I believe that there should be a defining concept as to the best tremolo when a performer tries to lower or raise the pitch. And as to which one… that I really don’t have any idea or a single clue and I think it is better be left alone to experts as it tends have an individual interpretation.

Your type of music may not be aesthetically pleasant to hear by others and they might consider it as a noise to their ears. And it also depends by generations, eras and even by cultures. As I have said earlier, the thin line that separates music and noise if often debatable.

Helping Kids Find Their Passion

Several days back, we finally bought our son the ball he always asked us every time we go to the mall. We bought him a small football that is appropriate to his age. And even before we could pay for it he is already playing while still inside the mall. When we arrived home late that afternoon, he cannot resist asking his dad if I want to play ball with him. His words were “you want to play?” and he’s going to keep on asking you until you play with him. In fact, he even asked me if I want to play with him when hubby refused as he is tired already kicking ball with him.

I suspect that they are playing football in the school as he is so eager to play with it. Perhaps we want to enroll him later to learn the game of football or help him find his passion. But again, we don’t want to force him to get involve with or into something that he doesn’t want. Just like with our neighbor in the adjacent house, who last night we over heard them playing with drums. I know that it was there son’s passion in music especially in drums that lead them to buy a set of drums so he can practice at home. I just hope they put rubber trims on the edge, like the classic drum rugs to keep the set in place so it will become stable and won’t skid.