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More Encouraging Words from School

It has been two months now since our son started schooling and we are glad that he is enjoying his nursery days. His teacher also has confirmed it in his school diary that our son has made so much progress since then. It is nice to know that there’s such a big improvement when he interact with other kids of his age although I still struggled in getting him to eat every morning before going to school. In fact, and most of the time, it will take more than 30 minutes just for him to take in several spoonfuls.

His school activities somehow will make our day as we received more encouraging words from his teacher every now and then. He learned a lot of counting songs already although they aren’t taught yet of musical instruments but I think the mel bay instruction book could somehow be a valuable study material for guitar beginners. It has been said that it is the most comprehensive approach to contemporary guitar mastery from beginner guitarist to advanced method and could take a big leap in your guitar skills.

First Special Award in School

When your kids starts going to school, there are two things that you will feel as a result of what they are doing at school. One, you’re going to be apprehensive if they gonna behave or not and if it’s the latter then you start praying that you won’t be called at the principal’s office. Second, is and what made the day of every parents and feel fulfilled, and that is when they get awards no matter how small it may be. I’m sure all parents can relate with me on this one, as it will make you feel great no matter how naughty they are.

It is a different feeling when your kids brought some awards from school. And that indeed happened to our new school boy. It’s just only more than a month since our son starts going to school and when he came home today he brought joy to us with his first ever award which was signed by his teacher. And at 3 years and 3 months, he received a special award for “Fantastic Counting”.

After coming from a week vacation because of the Eid Holiday they have a Math Week this week and in his school diary, his teacher was saying that they’re going to teach them about colors, numbers and number songs. Although I’m not sure what they’ve done at the end of the week though most probably they let the kids deliver on what they’ve learned. But I’m pretty sure that they have evaluated them thus the reason why he got the award. I was so happy when I opened his “blue bag” when he arrived home today and saw that he got his first special award in school. I felt overjoyed with his achievement even though most of the time he’s not listening to me.

Reminiscing About Another Home Improvement

I’ve been mentioning the postponement of my DIY home improvements in several of my posts and the reason why it has to be done. Time is just simply not in my side at the moment with so many things to face and attend with especially with our new school boy. Who on the other side received a special award from school for “great counting” during their Math week.

That on the other hand had just gave me an idea on what to do next with a simple and yet another DIY home décor in the house if I am going to continue with improving the aesthetics in the house. It is only easy to display his awards on the wall and I think I will only be needing glue gun instead and not the victor torch type of welding to stick it on the wall. And for the meantime while at the moment that everything is coming together at the same time, the photo on the left is what I can only come out on what to do with our son’s special award.

I surely will have ideas coming out in the coming days on what to do with it or perhaps in the coming school break that they will have. And by December, it will be more favorable in my side since they will have a long break for the coming Yuletide holiday season. I will be updating this blog for that matter and hopefully I will come up or have some to show but for now the above photo is the only piece that I can offer you.