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Wearing a Tuxedo Shirt

It was only very recently, I think a few weeks back, that I have attended a formal gathering hosted by hubby’s company for their annual get together. Hubby did not attend as he doesn’t have any formal suit but more so is that he doesn’t like wearing a tuxedo shirt. In
fact, he doesn’t have one at all in his closet and even just a formal long sleeve could not be found anywhere inside. He only has short sleeve, casual and polo shirts to wear during formal meetings.

And if I remember it correctly, the only time I saw him wearing a formalwear was during our wedding and that’s almost five years ago. But in fairness for hubby, he was actually babysitting our son at that time since kids are not allowed in the gathering so he has an excuse not to attend.

Our Son Goes to School

September was really a testing day for me and it does show and reflects on the number of posts I have written then. I in fact have to joggle from the daily household chores to the new online store that I’m working out and with the new school boy that we have. That’s right, our son just started going to nursery last 15 September and I think he has enjoyed it especially that he has now exposed to many children in their classroom. Unlike before when he is only confined to the four walls of the house from daybreak to sunset but there are several reasons why he has to endure that.

At the same time as well, I am still apprehensive as he doesn’t listen to me most of the time and if you are following this blog, you’ll know how hyper-active he is too. And that is exactly what I have seen on him in his first three days at school. At first he is hesitant to let go of me and was hiding at my back just like what he did during the home visit of his teachers in the house. He did not even interact with his teacher even there were so many toys that they brought in order to entice him to play and actively engage so they can assess him. At least that’s how I understood the home visit.

And that perhaps needs another space for a blog post to make. So going back to our son’s first week in school, he just stood behind me but once he saw the toys in the classroom, things went so fast differently. It seems that he forgot that we are around watching him as he is quite very busy playing with lots of toys that he can play with. And after the class was finished (it is just for one hour) comes another issue that we have to deal with because he don’t want to go home anymore.

Our Son’s First Week in School

After the home visit of our son’s teachers last week together with the parents’ interview, they have given us the schedule for the first week of our son’s school timings. They explained that the first week is only an hour of interaction and getting to know how the kids will react when they are eventually left alone in the classroom with only the teachers around. They are going to gradually make the kids comfortable in the classroom and then the parents will slowly leave them as the week progress.

On the first day, they have allowed the parents to be on the side of their kids wherever they want to roam around the classroom and our son initially was just hiding at my back when we went inside the room. And once he saw the toys, lots of them in fact, things turn in a different direction as he started to enjoy the company of the other kids but then again my apprehension starts kicking back too. He’s not listening again and never stays at one location.

And the second day was totally different at all since he immediately plays around the classroom with lots of enthusiasm, I guess. Or perhaps he was just overwhelmed by the sudden changes in his daily routine as he interacts and plays with kids of his age. This time though, parents were separated in the adjacent room while the children are busy with their activities. The third day was no different as we just spent it filling out some forms at the adjacent room.

While the last two days of the week, we just dropped our son outside their classroom and we are glad that we don’t have any problem with him with regards to it but a few of his classmates are still crying when they are left behind by their parents. The common thing that happens in our son’s first week in school is that, he no longer wants to go home even when the class is finished.

It Is Now More Relaxing to go Swimming

The growing percentage of obesity is making a lot of pressure for women especially during summer time as it means going to the beach or cooling down at the pool. The heat is so unbearable in some parts in the tropics and the most logical and preferable choice is visiting the pool as it is safer comparing to the beach. The good thing is that, it is no longer hard to find women’s plus size swimwear and somehow I think it has something to do with the huge number of obese people right now.

And since it is now a growing trend as well that it is already common to see women with multiple curves wearing swimsuits, it has made women to be comfortable and enjoy the day in the pool. Another good thing is that it is now more relaxing to swim anywhere and that you’ll have more confidence every time you put on a plus size swimsuit because many are wearing it nowadays. Much more that swimwear with quality fabrics from top manufacturer can easily be found in high end stores or even at the shopping malls.

Wearing School Uniforms Everyday

I consider myself quite lucky to have studied in private schools all throughout my school years. During Grade School and High School I wore a uniform. When I was in college, I was able to experience dressing up and expressing my individuality since I no longer wore a uniform. I remember waking up feeling excited to go to school because I’d wear my stylish clothes and shoes. Many people might agree with me that a school uniform has its advantages and disadvantages. Parents don’t have to spend so much on clothes if their kids wear uniforms. Another advantage would be that kids get used to following a rule. Getting dressed doesn’t take too long either.

However, there are also disadvantages like not being able to show one’s individuality and how it gets boring if you wear the same look every day. Furthermore, it’s hard to recognize where a certain child is located in a crowd since they’re all dressed the same. Some children may also feel uncomfortable when wearing a uniform and this may somehow affect their learning. For schools that do have uniforms, they often buy french toast uniforms for their students because it’s America’s leading brand known for its high quality and affordable prices.