After Cleaning the Car, The Storm Came

I just felt sorry for hubby as it was only the other night that he cleaned the car then just this morning, the sand storm came. It was already shiny and beaming but now the dust starts to settle on the windshield. The storm started slow and it was already mid-morning when its speed finally picks up although it wasn’t that strong but it is enough to make a smudge on everything.

Gladly the effect of the sand storm is not bad at all but the point is that, it was only the other night when the car was cleaned. And when it is clean, it’s dirty again. It’s hard when you try to think more about it for it happened when you are finish cleaning. It is what I always hear from hubby every time I tell him to wash the car. This doesn’t the first time that it happened and it’s the reason why he will sometimes postpone washing the car.

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