Adjusting With the Time Difference

It has been 72 hours already since we arrived from our almost 2-month long vacation yet our son is still adjusting with his body clock. His sleeping pattern is still off the time as he slept more than 3 hours for his afternoon nap. In fact, there were two occasions that we have to forcefully wake him up as it is already past six in the evening and he is still sleeping and we don’t want him to be awake in the evening. At first, I thought the long haul flight in coming back here was the cause and that he was tired from the long waiting hours.

But I believe that he has enough rest already since we arrived because even if he was taking a nap along the way at the same time, we slept early on the night that we arrived. Then it was already almost seven in the morning the following day when we woke up. So I think that’s already enough if we only are talking of rest time yet there’s other factor that is affecting him. And perhaps it was his body clock that is still trying to adjust with the time difference. And probably the five hours difference is enough to disrupt his sleeping time.

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