A Glimpse of Seth’s New Car Seat

This is a long overdue post considering that Seth got his new car seat way back September still when he turns 2 years and 2 months but there are other things that made my day occupied. I have been busy with my other DIY wall decors and new sets of flowers.

Anyway, we decided to change and upgrade Seth to a new car seat because he has outgrown it already in terms of his weight and size and we have to follow the safety standards as well in order to be on the safe side while riding in the car. Although it’s a bit expensive but it is always best to invest on safety than feel sorry later on if accidents do happen and you don’t have the proper and appropriate car seat for your kids.

That on the other hand, happen to some parents who don’t know the safety standards or could be that they don’t care about the safety side because I have seen several parents who just let their kids seat at the front seat and some did not buckle up their kids at the back seats. Some even let their kids play around at the back seat while the vehicle is running.

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