A Contemporary Modern House

The journey of a close friend to the north to visit his friend was worthwhile despite the humps and bumps on the way and it took them nearly two hours to get there. He said that the place was so warm and inviting; the mahogany trees around the house seemed to reach out across to give a good shade in the 1000 square meter property. The house design was more like of an American country home with wind shutters on every window, a porch with a side table beside a traditional rocking chair.

But the interior was a bit surprising, it has a little of everything like retro-modern touch on the reading corner, Mediterranean nook for the antique collections of the old folks, colorful shelves for the movie collection across the room and stylish furniture on the receiving area. It is a confluence of style and genre rolled into one.

It is a place where one would really cherish the time spent in this enclave. The aroma of brewed roasted japonicum grains gracefully embraced the wisp of the good old memories as they open yearbooks and photo albums of the adventures and also the misadventures of the group. The sequel of their gathering was already in the pan as more and more batch-mates pledged to join the meet after seeing pictures of their fun filled get together with a long lost buddy.

9 thoughts on “A Contemporary Modern House

  1. haze

    Sounds like a great home. In regards to to the mixture is probably a little advantage too. At least you have a little of everything inside the house. Country style house is always better to live especially raising kids.

  2. jesie

    yes i love how the modern, contemporary decors can do a lot of changes into a house, even an old house will look dazzling if you put nice, modern decors and furniture in. if i have a house, will definitely make it a modern house.

  3. Vernz Daily

    I love the idea of a place that can be cherished, full of memories.. you can always come back to it whenever you needed to unwind and just chill 🙂

  4. jheylo

    oh boy! i am picturing it out already, it must look really nice. too bad there’s not picture. We dreamed of having our own dream house, dunno when we’re gonna fulfill it though. money is tough these days and it’s expensive here in CA

  5. Chie

    Modern mixed with contemporary and traditional for a home is the thing of today although there are few who are still minimalists in style. I can imagine how welcoming this home is…


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