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Karaoke Capital of the World

The Philippines is probably the karaoke capital of the world as it is very evident with lots of karaoke hangouts that you can find in almost every junction. Although it was just an exaggeration to at least point out the disparity but somehow there’s some truth about it as well. Take a look in every house of Filipinos, whether in the Philippines or abroad, you’ll probably see a karaoke system at one corner in the living room. And that doesn’t exempt us, as I was able to persuade hubby and get our own karaoke system a couple of years back.

The only thing that’s keeping me from using it, aside from our very active school boy, is the bad microphone that goes along with the karaoke when we bought it and how I wish it is like the heil sound microphones with a very professional output. But that made me think also, that if the mic was that good then I wouldn’t have much time with our son either and I will just be chanting over and over. I won’t be alone though, as our son loved to sing as well even with only few recognizable words coming out of him. And he likes to do it holding with his own microphone, as if like a professional.

A Better Investment Scheme

If you are going to read back my posts, you’ll notice that I have occupied myself with and became busy of my home improvement project. But somehow that has been put on-hold for quite some time now since I started investing in the stock market. I have to put more time with it to learn the basics of the stock market and most especially the way around it. And at the moment, things are doing fine with the stocks that I bought and maintained. It’s been more than a year now since I started buying and selling stocks and I am glad that the hard work has paid off already and I must admit that I cannot earn such percentage if we have left it in the bank.

Initially, I focused and monitored our stocks in a daily basis since I am still new and there are so many things that I must learn if we want to be successful with it. And with the big potential to succeed and have a better investment scheme than the bank, I encourage all Filipino not only the OFW’s to invest in the Philippine stock market so it remain stable and strong. Right now, the PSE index has broken and made history already and it is forever written in the books. More to it that the Philippine economy is showing good signs and in fact, a few lending companies have upgraded its credit rating. And one notable reason why the Philippine economy stays afloat is the undeniable support of the OFW’s through its continued remittance.

And I believe that if all Filipinos are investing in the Philippines then our economy will become stronger as we don’t have to rely more from foreign investors. Although I am not pretty sure on that statement and it was only my calculated opinion yet it could be true. So start looking for your online broker while the market is still hot and growing.

The History of Today’s Chair

I have posted in my health and medical blog something about the growing incidence of back pain in the modern society that wreaks havoc that significantly interfere the quality of life. And the one thing that causes it is the prolong periods of staying in sitting position whether while at work or in job that would let you stay on chairs for longer period. And I want to share some facts to you with regards to the evolution of chairs dated way back 2 BC and the innovation it has endured to the modern office chair since then.

The infographic below shows the history of today’s chair.

And because of the growing incidence of back pain and its debilitating effects in our daily life, many have created chair designs that could easily and appropriately adjusted to provide comfort and prevent potential hazards. In fact, the US Occupational Safety & Health Administration has provided regulations to follow to have ergonomic solutions for a safer workplace. While at the same time preventing possible lawsuits, when it comes to occupational safety and work related injuries.

So choosing the right ergonomic chair is essential for your health and safety to have a productive work while avoiding occupational injuries. In fact, the infographic above has shown some safety features already with the use of cushions and pads lessen the effect of the hardness of the wooden chair in our butts. And it just shows that ergonomics came from Medieval times yet. But of course, let’s not forget that this is not just about the chair itself but also our sitting postures. You can easily search online for quick tips about sitting postures and solutions to avoid any injuries.

Helping Kids Find Their Passion

Several days back, we finally bought our son the ball he always asked us every time we go to the mall. We bought him a small football that is appropriate to his age. And even before we could pay for it he is already playing while still inside the mall. When we arrived home late that afternoon, he cannot resist asking his dad if I want to play ball with him. His words were “you want to play?” and he’s going to keep on asking you until you play with him. In fact, he even asked me if I want to play with him when hubby refused as he is tired already kicking ball with him.

I suspect that they are playing football in the school as he is so eager to play with it. Perhaps we want to enroll him later to learn the game of football or help him find his passion. But again, we don’t want to force him to get involve with or into something that he doesn’t want. Just like with our neighbor in the adjacent house, who last night we over heard them playing with drums. I know that it was there son’s passion in music especially in drums that lead them to buy a set of drums so he can practice at home. I just hope they put rubber trims on the edge, like the classic drum rugs to keep the set in place so it will become stable and won’t skid.

Clearing Clogged Sink Drains

Clogged drains are annoying to say the least. Not only does it leave your sink useless, it can also cost you a lot of money to have it fixed (unless you do the unclogging yourself). When this happens, you need to remove the clog right away to stop it from building up or else not even the smallest amount of water will pass through the drain. A clogged sink is due to several causes like food, hair, soap buildup, and small objects that may have gotten stuck. With just a few cheap tools and everyday stuff, you can repair blocked drains easily and in no time.

Who says baking soda and vinegar are only for cooking? These ingredients can be used in clearing clogged drains as well. Mix them together and pour it down. Let it sit for one hour then flush with hot water. You can likewise use table salt with baking soda which you will have to leave for 20 minutes, after which pour boiling water down. A tool that can also be useful is the drain snake, a long flexible metal rope with a spiral of metal at the end.

Another solution that you can pour down the drain and leave for 30 minutes is cold water with sodium hydroxide. Be careful in handling the sodium hydroxide though since this can cause burns. Again, flush the drain with boiling water. A dish detergent can also be useful. Pour it down the sink along with some hot water to release any greasy residue.