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Craving for a Yellow Labrador

In the past few years, hubby has been telling me about his affection with dogs and how much he wanted to own a dog. One time, I’ve seen him browsing about his favorite dog, the Labrador Retriever especially the Yellow Lab. He said that it is the kind of dog that is excellent for family as it is very well known for its very even-tempered behavior and easy going. And I also read in one article that they are very trusting even with strangers and that’s why Labradors are not suggested to have as guard dogs.

Anyway, I told him that if he wants to have a dog I the house we should have dog fence also since our son is still less than four years old and is very active. Although Labradors are suitable as family dog but I am still worried that they will bite if they are hurt when toddlers are playing with them aimlessly even they meant no harm to them. So I’ve been browsing for any dog fence reviews and recommendations in the internet for hubby to check out before he decided to own his much loved Yellow Lab. It is better that way than having an incident later on. It is better to prepare rather than be sorry when your kids are bitten already.

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The Benefits of Using Window Blinds

Although decorating a home can be an enjoyable task, it can also be hard and challenging. With so many style ideas available for home owners to choose from, selecting whether to use window blinds or curtains may even prove difficult. Knowing what looks best on your home will make the decision easier. Window treatments can greatly change the look of your home. While curtains are more commonly used, many homeowners are starting to lean towards blinds.

There are certainly more style choices if you use blinds because they can match any interior decorating look whether it is modern, traditional, or eclectic. Nowadays, many types of blinds are readily available for homes. When it comes to functionality, they are more versatile in that it enables you to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters the room. Furthermore, it allows for more privacy options. The process of cleaning blinds is easy and simple. Weekly cleaning with a feather duster or synthetic duster is all that is needed to remove dust and debris from the slats.

Another reason why people are switching to blinds is because it is less of a fire hazard. Since curtains are made of flammable material, fire can easily spread. Probably the most important advantage of blinds over curtains is that they are more affordable. Even the sophisticated types are less expensive than curtains. Plus, they are more readily available at many home improvement stores as well as department stores. Lastly, using blinds can help make a small room look bigger or a lot more spacious.

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Planning for Our Vacation

I’m starting to make a plan for our vacation in the Philippines this coming June. But I still need to talk first with my son’s teacher since the school vacation is scheduled not until July. At the same time, hubby is afraid to let our son miss his school but I told him that it will be fine since our son is still in nursery. Despite of it, we have already booked our tickets a few days back and the next thing we need to do is to book our domestic flights going to Cebu and Bacolod. And I’m planning to visit my school when I was still in college.

I also remember during one of my visits to the old churches that the common unpleasant scenario or should I say an eye sore, is the lack of aesthetics in the mic stands, that it looks like nearing its use of date. Often times it is not just the stand alone but also the wires and the microphone itself. So I am hoping that the next time I’ll visit them, it has been replaced and are already pleasing to look at. They may not get an expensive one but at least it should have a professional looking that can be featured in the Grammy Awards just like the cool 6 mics stands and cords at musicians friend which I’ve read in my friend’s blog.

The Best MP3 Player

When I moved abroad four years ago to be with my husband, it is where I saw how the electronic gadgets evolve and one thing that is very noticeable among them, it is so easy to get outdated. A new model of high tech gadgets will come out on the display stand just several months from the time you bought the first generation. Like your new music player today that can store more than a thousand songs could somewhat become only a fraction of the storage capacity with the latest model. Maybe the best rca mp3 player at musicians friend presently will become outdated in six months time.

And I understand now why hubby won’t be tempted to get the first generations of any electronic gadgets because he knows that there will be another model coming. He also said that it is always best to buy the succeeding models because the unexpected and the usual glitch in the first model will now be fixed and available. And another lesson that I learned is to just wait for several months before buying any particular electronic gadgets because the price will surely go down abruptly.

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