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First Special Award in School

When your kids starts going to school, there are two things that you will feel as a result of what they are doing at school. One, you’re going to be apprehensive if they gonna behave or not and if it’s the latter then you start praying that you won’t be called at the principal’s office. Second, is and what made the day of every parents and feel fulfilled, and that is when they get awards no matter how small it may be. I’m sure all parents can relate with me on this one, as it will make you feel great no matter how naughty they are.

It is a different feeling when your kids brought some awards from school. And that indeed happened to our new school boy. It’s just only more than a month since our son starts going to school and when he came home today he brought joy to us with his first ever award which was signed by his teacher. And at 3 years and 3 months, he received a special award for “Fantastic Counting”.

After coming from a week vacation because of the Eid Holiday they have a Math Week this week and in his school diary, his teacher was saying that they’re going to teach them about colors, numbers and number songs. Although I’m not sure what they’ve done at the end of the week though most probably they let the kids deliver on what they’ve learned. But I’m pretty sure that they have evaluated them thus the reason why he got the award. I was so happy when I opened his “blue bag” when he arrived home today and saw that he got his first special award in school. I felt overjoyed with his achievement even though most of the time he’s not listening to me.

Ease of Life with Support System

Time and time I have seen on the news about crimes not only against humanity with an end result becoming so brutal and extremely cruel. Some news reports say that some of the crimes are caused while they are under the influence of prohibited and controlled substance. Despite all these gruesome outcomes I believe that this kind of circumstances can be prevented and or it can be treated with appropriate support system that includes family members as the primary source.

The good thing in this digital world is that it is now so easy to find facilities and support groups willing to extend extra miles of attention and comfort to people who need treatment. You can easily browse the internet for website and I’m pretty sure there’s a lot out there for you to choose from according to your preference or that suits the kind of circumstances that the involved person is suffering. One thing that I can suggest in this kind of situation, although I am not an expert, is that when you make your decision two things should be part in your consideration.

One and the foremost of it is the safety, that an ideal facility should have before concluding your choice knowing that the situation might have complications in the end. Second is comfort for I think that it needs some consideration as well, as the recovery might depends on the assurance and ease of life while under treatment. And wile the family’s support system should be continuous along the ordeal which may last for a little long period.

Image from Rapid Detox.

Adding Several Lines of Products

Home improvement nowadays seems to have a bleak future in the house since our son started going to school mid of last month and so far the feedback from his teacher is nice and heart warming. In fact, when he came home last week, we are surprised to see that he got a special award during their Math week. And it is indeed his first award from school after a month long of schooling and we are hoping that it won’t be the last as we wanted him to learn more.

His special award is for “fantastic counting” which I am also having a separate post being a proud mom. Who wouldn’t be proud of their kids when they do something great at school, right?

Anyway, going back to the home improvement topic that was out on hold was not only merely due to our son schooling but also from the small business that I have started with my cousin. At the moment we already added several different lines of products so to have variety of choices for our customers. We are only talking advantage of the fashion boom especially that customers are no longer looking for signature and branded products as long as it is cheap and looks elegant and fashionable.

Although the competition is very dense in this growing industry, we just have to be careful on what needs to be added and knowing more of the customer’s needs which is very important whether it is for short and long term demand. And we also have to keep up and do more with customer service as I strongly believe that a satisfied customer is likely to come back and will surely make another purchase. And that will have a pyramid effect because I am sure that they’re going to tell their friends about it then it will just roll smoothly from there.

Reminiscing About Another Home Improvement

I’ve been mentioning the postponement of my DIY home improvements in several of my posts and the reason why it has to be done. Time is just simply not in my side at the moment with so many things to face and attend with especially with our new school boy. Who on the other side received a special award from school for “great counting” during their Math week.

That on the other hand had just gave me an idea on what to do next with a simple and yet another DIY home décor in the house if I am going to continue with improving the aesthetics in the house. It is only easy to display his awards on the wall and I think I will only be needing glue gun instead and not the victor torch type of welding to stick it on the wall. And for the meantime while at the moment that everything is coming together at the same time, the photo on the left is what I can only come out on what to do with our son’s special award.

I surely will have ideas coming out in the coming days on what to do with it or perhaps in the coming school break that they will have. And by December, it will be more favorable in my side since they will have a long break for the coming Yuletide holiday season. I will be updating this blog for that matter and hopefully I will come up or have some to show but for now the above photo is the only piece that I can offer you.

Our Son’s First Month in Nursery School

Time came by so fast and our son just completed his first month of nursery school and because of the Eid holiday, he will enjoy a week long vacation. So he will be back to his old sleeping and waking up habit. For sure we won’t be forcing him to wake up at 30 minutes past six. We’ll just have to give him more time while he don’t have a class because when it resumes, they will have a 4-hour full schedule already. And hubby doesn’t have to worry of his work schedule since we don’t have any problems with him riding in the school bus. We are also glad that someone is watching and guiding them while in the bus.

On the other hand, reports from his teacher shows that he has been enjoying his time in school and that week by week, he has shown some improvements in his behavior and attitude. He now knows how to say “please” when he ask for something then would reply “thank you” and will say “you’re welcome” when you said thank you to him. It is indeed a very heart warming to us and hoping that he will continue doing so though he still needs more follow-up because there were several times that he won’t listen to me and so does in the school.

And all of these great changes in his behavior didn’t just come without any handicap though. Because on his third week in school, he came home with a report from his teacher that he was throwing sand to his classmate during their playtime outside the classroom. It is truly unpleasant to learn and we are just hoping that it won’t happen again. We talked to him about it, that what he did is not right and he should not do it again. So far, it is the first displeasing incident that happened and we are hoping that when they return to school next week, nothing like this will take place again.