Monthly Archives: July 2013

After the Heat Comes the Storm

After a week or so of humidity and a few days of intense heat, comes the sand storm and you know what will happen next. And if not then you should know that these fine sands (yeah, lots of them) will get into even the smallest hole or gap in your window panel and doors. So there will be dust all over the house again when this storm is done. It is the reason why all the window panels and all the sides of the doors in the house are all taped-up.

And that’s not all there is because I am just talking about the mess that it will bring inside the house and not yet the one that you can obviously see outside. As what I have said, aside from the very obvious fine sands all over the front yard, it also carries all the trash and whatever that the storm can carry with along the way. Sometimes if it’s so strong already and would last longer than we thought it is then it surely will make its own mini dunes. The worse thing is that it also blankets the windshield of hubby’s car and he is just lucky that the fittings of his car doors are still in good shape.

What He Wants To Pursue

It’s been awhile now since we arrived here from our vacation that hubby and his close friend in Cebu hasn’t talk about the business that they are planning. I am not sure if it’s gonna be materialized although at the back of my mind, I think it seems feasible and that it will push through when the right time comes.

On the other hand, I always remember hubby’s friend as a person who is fond of musical instruments and sound percussion is one of it which reminds me again that probably our son is interested as well. That being said, I often times noticed him going at the back of the drums and actually sit and play with it in several occasions after the church service. Now I can imagine that one day I will be looking to get a new set of percussion instruments and someday the house will become a hangout for practice session.

I am hoping that he won’t get that far although at the moment I am not sure yet of what he wants to pursue when he grows up. He just turn 3 years old last week and he already had that interest in his mind or perhaps was it just his curiosity. But if that’s what he wants then we have no choice but to support him.

The Scorching Heat of the Sun

I saw hubby peeking at the back door glass earlier this afternoon as if he was looking into something or perhaps observing on one thing. And then he later told me that he was actually checking on the lemongrass that he transferred yesterday afternoon at the far side corner with more view of the sun. But when I look at the lemongrass that he moved, it’s like it was snapped of its gut because it looks dry on the outside and the long leaves were bent, although not all, and the colors isn’t green or yellow. It was like it was torched.

And speaking of which, our neighbor later in the afternoon posted on his FB the temperature of the day that he got in his car’s dashboard and you won’t believe what I saw. Its 48 degrees and the time that he quoted with it, is 12:30 in the afternoon. It may not be an accurate reading but I’m pretty sure it is just near with it or could be dead spot on because I really felt that it is so hot outside. And that could be the reason why the plants and veggies that we have, including the newly plated lemongrass wilted that fast. It could not be that it wasn’t watered because the soil is wet when I touched it. So it has to be from the scorching heat of the sun.

Sleeping With Peace of Mind

I just watch the news on the national television in the Philippines two days ago about people committing crimes and caught on camera. Although it happened in the metropolis but at present day I believe it is no longer isolated in big cities. We just don’t have any way of knowing it or see it in the news because there isn’t any CCTV there but we know that it is happening. And I think it is the reason why the awareness in putting up security measures is growing up.

I think it is just reasonable to protect ourselves, our family and our priced possessions so we can have peace of mind when we go to sleep at night. And if you are looking for innovative safety and security products then look no further than what you can see in, you might find the right thing that you need. Not just go for the price alone but instead it should make you feel secure and safe all the time. And last but not the least, make sure that the company has good customer service in place because you might be going back to them for some technicalities and that’s where the big issues are coming from.

It’s hard to Breathe

I have read hubby’s blog yesterday and he was talking about the dangers if you are not going to hydrate yourself properly and appropriately during summer time. And I would say that the heat is really unbearable in the past week, so it is indeed really dangerous if you are not drinking the right amount of water to replace what you have lost in your sweat. But then I think he also has a point when it comes to humidity and that it is comparatively dangerous as well.

I think it has been a week or so now that it is not just hot but it is quite humid as well and you are going to sweat a lot even while standing outside. How much more if you gonna combine it with the scorching heat of summer. I’m pretty sure you will drop dead in less than an hour if you’re not going to take care of your body. And hubby is so true also when he said that it reduces your ability to breathe. It’s like you’re out of breath and that it’s hard to breathe as well. It’s like something pressing on your chest that it prevents you from breathing normally.