Monthly Archives: June 2013

Enjoying the Company of Other Kids

As our son grows bigger and bigger and as he starts to interact with kids of his age, he learns to beat a drum in the church. And I think he loves the drum, at least at this stage. But I think that it is also good that he will learn to play the other musical instruments and not concentrate entirely on one. Many experts say that exposing kids to different instruments will help them become sensitive listeners as it has its own distinct and unique tone.

But as of the moment, I will just let him enjoy the company of other kids and I am just hoping that the will be able to attend school in the next school year this coming September. I want him to learn how to interact properly with other kids and who knows, we might wake up one day and the next thing he wants is to play musical instruments. And we might one day add a variety of percussion instruments in his play room and the collection of Orff Instruments at WWBW could be the best solution so we won’t looking any further.

A Visitor in the House

We went to the city late this afternoon to start subscribing in a cable company that offers cartoon shows that our son could at least understand. In our previous provider although there are English cartoons but most of it are in Arabic which for a long time he was able to count numbers one to five. Then we will just have to change our subscription plan with our previous provider later this month or next as we won’t be using it anymore and we’ll just retain the internet and the phone.

On the other hand, we are also going to fetch a friend of hubby who will be staying in the house for a night. So we will have a visitor in the house tonight then we will just go out the next day but that will be after hubby finished his morning work. It will be the first time that someone is sleeping in the house with us other than when my father was here last year. They probably will have a drinking session tonight before hitting the sack and of course reminisced with the old memories that they share during their rescue days in Cebu. I’m just hoping that they won’t get drunk at all because hubby has still have to wake up early for work the following day.

Making Music Production a Lot Easier

Music production nowadays are becoming easier and faster and that’s because of the help of modern technology. It made almost every process with great speed and before you knew it, it’s already in store selling like pancakes but of course the last part, I am just exaggerating. Yet the result really is better than before that the pace of making music is indeed breathtaking and it has, I think, more benefit than any advantage. That if there’s one that I know of.

And nonetheless, there are lots of secrets that the not so musically inclined listener would determine, just like the new overdrives that can be used as booster that won’t compromise the sound of the amplifier. At least, that’s what a friend of mine has told me and that is just one part. Like the maxon od808 at guitar center is one of those that would give the tone of your instrument the performance that everyone is looking. That in the end will give you a sparkling presentation that everyone will envy. Well, that is just my own opinion and perhaps I might be wrong either considering that I am one of those not so musically talented people.

Facing Another Long Summer Ahead

We are now officially back in reality and hubby starts working again, as if he has a choice. He’s been working now for four days since we arrived from our vacation and I think he too are still trying to settle down to the rigors of his work. For sure he has so many things to catch up with work even he was only out for four weeks. I could sense it from him even if he seldom says something of his work.

On the other hand, I could feel already the scorching heat of the summer, as if there’s a fire above my skin. Even it was still 30 minutes past seven in the morning the heat of the summer is already unbearable if you stay longer than 10 minutes under the sun. It would mean that our son will be staying more in the house again as he cannot tolerate with extreme weather that his skin dry up so fast then it become so itchy. It’s the reason why we have invested so much in his moisturizer and it is not just ordinary.

Anyway, it is still a very long summer that we will be facing and hoping that there will be less sand storm ahead of us. And that just reminded me that I still have to re-tape the whole windows and doors in the house in preparation for the sand storms.