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Looking for a Digital Blood Pressure Kit

It was still less than 24 hours since we arrived from our almost two-month long vacation and our son is also adjusting from the time difference. At the same time he keeps on talking of his grandpas. I’m sure he had a great time with them during our vacation especially when we went to the beach in Bantayan Island, Cebu.

And out of the many unforgettable moments he has had in this recent vacation, I can’t forget the first time he had his chance to play at a plastic kiddie pool that I bought for him as it is so hot and humid. He was so hesitant and was afraid at first but then it was hard to get him out already when he saw his cousin playing in the water. It was his grandpa who keep an eye on them most of the time especially when I am not in the house. Who on the other hand have an ongoing battle with his high blood pressure even he don’t have any vices at all.

It is for such reason that I want to monitor his blood pressure since he is not getting any younger already. And I am looking for a digital blood pressure kit as it is easier and convenient for him for he only have to know how to operate the machine. Hubby said that the welch allyn sphygmomanometer is one of the most trusted brand there is in the market and he was able to use some of their models with ease to operate. What I need to consider now is the price aside from the quality of the product as we are in a tight budget right now.

Adjusting With the Time Difference

It has been 72 hours already since we arrived from our almost 2-month long vacation yet our son is still adjusting with his body clock. His sleeping pattern is still off the time as he slept more than 3 hours for his afternoon nap. In fact, there were two occasions that we have to forcefully wake him up as it is already past six in the evening and he is still sleeping and we don’t want him to be awake in the evening. At first, I thought the long haul flight in coming back here was the cause and that he was tired from the long waiting hours.

But I believe that he has enough rest already since we arrived because even if he was taking a nap along the way at the same time, we slept early on the night that we arrived. Then it was already almost seven in the morning the following day when we woke up. So I think that’s already enough if we only are talking of rest time yet there’s other factor that is affecting him. And perhaps it was his body clock that is still trying to adjust with the time difference. And probably the five hours difference is enough to disrupt his sleeping time.

It Is Now More Relaxing to go Swimming

The growing percentage of obesity is making a lot of pressure for women especially during summer time as it means going to the beach or cooling down at the pool. The heat is so unbearable in some parts in the tropics and the most logical and preferable choice is visiting the pool as it is safer comparing to the beach. The good thing is that, it is no longer hard to find women’s plus size swimwear and somehow I think it has something to do with the huge number of obese people right now.

And since it is now a growing trend as well that it is already common to see women with multiple curves wearing swimsuits, it has made women to be comfortable and enjoy the day in the pool. Another good thing is that it is now more relaxing to swim anywhere and that you’ll have more confidence every time you put on a plus size swimsuit because many are wearing it nowadays. Much more that swimwear with quality fabrics from top manufacturer can easily be found in high end stores or even at the shopping malls.

Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy

I am pretty sure at this time you already heard the news regarding the decision by Angelina Jolie to undergo a double mastectomy. Yeah, you heard it clearly, she choose to remove her breasts and have a reconstructive surgery rather than undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment after tests revealed that she had mutated cancer genes and that increases the chance and risk to have breast cancer. The most interesting part is that she made a difficult decision for the double mastectomy surgery even she still have healthy breasts and not diagnosed with breast cancer yet.

Yet, it is still her decision to undergo such procedure even given the fact that there’s still a small risk of having a breast cancer later on. Much more that there are other options available in order to detect breast cancer at an early stage and with minimal side effects from treatments that you need to have. Plus the fact that modern science and technology and medical literatures has evolve in the past 20 years or so that shows early detection and course of treatment produce the same healthy survival rates comparing to the removal of the breast.

But at the end of the day, the decision to undergo a double mastectomy operation is hers to make no matter what her physician tells her to do so.

Image from wikimedia commons.