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Another Horrific Day for First Responders

The latest tragedy that happened in West Texas in just a few days after the Boston Marathon bombing was horrific although it was a separate event yet many are still recovering from the horrific explosion in Boston. And at the moment there are already 13 confirmed dead in the fertilizer plant explosion, much bigger than the three fatalities in Boston explosion. And I am pretty sure that there are so many who are distraught of the situation as there are still so many unaccounted individuals and perhaps the number of death could still grow as the search and recovery are still ongoing.

And I am also even affected of the West Texas explosion when I learned that most of those who have died are firefighters and emergency medical technicians who where the first on the scene of the fertilizer plant explosion. That is a real big concern to me knowing the simple fact that my husband is working in the EMS and for sure they will become one of the first responder when such incident will happen here in our area. God forbid. There were five firefighters and four EMT’s who died during the explosion. Authorities are still investigating as to what’s the cause of the explosion.

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Taking Care of the Future

I would say that the common aspect that’s in the mind of most people overseas is to have their own business in their country that could support their day to day life so they don’t have to sacrifice working far away from their family and loved ones. And that is also one of the main topics that hubby and I are discussing from time to time so we don’t have to rely more of his paycheck and that we have a source of income that we can depend on.

This is so true to one of my friend here, which is the wife of hubby’s colleague and that they already have started a family business. They are catering to rent plastic chairs and wooden tables to anyone who would want to use them for their individual events, programs or gatherings. The name of their business is “chair @ table” and so far the trend of their initial investment is still moving up as days pass by. And at the moment, they are adding some supplies to cover the growing demand of covered tables with a specific color. So they are busy canvassing for stretch table covers that have high qualities and of course not that expensive as well so it won’t hurt their pockets as well.

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Emotionally Shattered by the Events

Even before the Boston bombing suspect could be named, another deadly explosion has happened in West Texas but this time it was a fertilizer plant explosion which according to many authorities has nothing to do in the Boston incident and is not an act of terrorism. At least for now. And I think it’s already been a horrible week for the people and the community that was affected by the recent tragedy and I am pretty sure that many are emotionally shattered by the events that unfold in just a few days apart.

And I wish to extend my prayers to the families that were affected by both the Boston Marathon bombing and the West Texas explosion especially to those who lost their loved ones as a result of the tragic circumstances. Although both are two different situations yet I believe it is still devastating to know that they are gone. What’s more disturbing is when you lost them through a senseless act of cowardice. And I could feel how hard it is to accept the fact that they are now gone.

Another disturbing fact is that, in the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas, among those reportedly died were first responders who help extinguish the fire and tried to control the situation. I am a little bit worried in this regard considering that my husband is currently working in the ambulance service. It is so true that at some point they are putting their lives at risk and in danger all the time.

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Terror at the Finish Line

The annual Boston Marathon is celebrated on the third Monday of April which is the Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts. The marathon is known to be the world’s oldest running annual marathon and according to Wikipedia, it ranks as one of the world’s best known road racing events and also one of the six World Marathon Majors.

News reports say that the race started with a 26 seconds of silence to honor the victims of the San Hook Elementary School shooting. Many are ecstatic to participate in the annual marathon including spectators themselves but the 117th edition of the mass participation Boston Marathon was marred by bomb explosions just several meters from the finish line. There were at least two explosions that happened only seconds apart which leaves three people dead and more than 150 wounded or injured.

The bombing in Boston Marathon which is usually a family event and gathering unexpectedly turns into a bloody scene of destruction as human flesh and bloods are scattered around the twin bomb explosions that eventually became a terror at the finish line. Reports said, at least 3 people were killed including an eight year old boy who is cheering for his father who joined the marathon. More to it that his younger sister was severely injured with leg injuries and his mother was treated with head injuries related to the explosions.

The Boston Marathon Bombings, I would say, is a senseless act of terrorism and cowardice as it involved the loss of life of an innocent child and several clueless children got injured. And no matter how big, how deep and serious that resentment may be, it is not just justifiable when you recklessly involve the life of the innocent little angels.

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