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A Customary Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is a customary ceremony of couple who wanted to be united in marriage and be living together. And depending on the culture you are in with, events leading to the ceremony may differ from each other especially to those who strictly follow their customary ancestral traditions. Yet most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of vows and the bestowal of wedding rings before the public proclamation of marriage is done.

And no matter what’s the difference between the women’s and men’s wedding bands yet the traditional custom of wearing wedding rings either on the right or left fourth finger is still a mystery to me as to why it should be on that finger and not the other four. Also there’s just no clear cut reason/s as to their contemporaries or coming into being and or its existence why it’s referred as the ring finger. Although there are many experts who believed that there’s a vein that runs directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart.

Coron: Vacation and Diving Destination

Asia is known for its pristine white beaches like the ones in Singapore, Thailand and of course the Philippines. All over the archipelago of the Philippines, one can find unexploited natural white sandy beaches from north to south. Dive and vacation destinations abound in this country. There is a particular spot in this country that was listed among the world’s natural wonders. One of the places that are frequented by foreign and local tourist alike is Coron Island in Palawan.

Coron is a wedge-shaped limestone island (which is very common in Palawan), with few of its coastal areas being covered by mangrove forests. It has seven lakes, famous of which is the nationally-acclaimed cleanest lake in the Philippines, the Kayangan Lake. It also has a number of islands with white beaches and clear blue waters perfect for snorkeling, deep-sea fishing and shipwreck diving.

Coron is a 2nd class municipality in the province of Palawan, Philippines. The municipality of Coron from Mount Tapyas view deck to Coron public utility vehicle terminal covers part of Busuanga Island and all of the nearby Coron Island. Both islands are part of the Calamian group of islands in northern Palawan. Coron on the other hand is also a popular diving destination. The aquatic views from the sunken Japanese warships off Coron Island are listed in Forbes Traveler Magazine’s top 10 best scuba diving sites in the world.

Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

In the place that we are in right now, sunglasses is not just a fashion anymore but a necessity. It is not only because of the long summer days but also for the scorching heat of the sun that it is difficult to open your eyes. Many experts also believe that long exposure to the rays of the sun that could reach 40 degrees Celsius can potentially harm your eyes in the long run. And whatever kind or style of sunglasses you would want to have or even perhaps the classic and stylish metal ray ban 3293 aviator frames, it won’t matter much when you are talking of eye protections.

What is more important when you plan of getting one is that it has the proper and appropriate UV rays protection and that brand is not an issue although at some point, established names would also matter when it comes to reliability of the materials being used. So in that case, I would leave it up to you of what style of frame you would like to have and the kind of glasses you want to be fitted as long as the right protection is there to safeguard your eyes. And that it suits your needs and you can wear it comfortably.

Money Back With Every Purchase

In times like now where financial stability is shaky, you just don’t have to keep your expenses to the least and as much as possible avoid spending in not so necessary things and on the wants. So you have to be vigilant on your spending matters though not to the extent of jeopardizing your family’s daily needs. And if there’s the possibility that you still can save then it will be good for the future and it is always great to know when you get something back in your purchases.

Anyway, it has been almost a month now since I came to know about a company where you get something in return when you buy something. Yes you heard it right, you literally earn a “cash back” when you buy your groceries, gas-up your car, purchase your vacation tickets, dine outside with friends and family, pacify your kids with his favorite toys and from time to time give yourself a reward for the hard work that you have done in the house taking care of kids and the household chores. And the opportunity to get more rewards is not only limited from there, in fact, it will make you crazy when you learn that your opportunity is limitless.

LyonessOne good thing about it is that, you can use your membership to purchase almost anything in other countries and there are member merchants in there. And the best thing is that, you can join and become a member for FREE and since it is new in some countries so you will earn more the benefits when it booms as members are growing rapidly each day. So if you want to become a member of Lyoness or just simply want to know more about it then let me know by leaving a comment here.

NB: This is not a paid post from Lyoness. Erased data are intentional for privacy reason.

Keeping Your Kids Safe

When you have toddlers in the house, it would be so hard to keep them still and have them stay in one place. It is probably the reason why they are often labeled as the terrible two when they reach at this stage. And one of the most common concerns of parents is how to keep them away from harm and how to make the house safe from kids that’s curious of their environment. It is indeed a serious concern when it comes to the safety of your kids and it is necessary that you keep everything in the house as childproof as it can be.

And since it is common to have household chemicals in the house, it is also essential that we keep them out of reach of children as they are very dangerous and one of the common causes of accidental child poisoning. So it is critical that you must keep all the cabinet latch fastened all the time and that it could not easily be opened by curious kids. That it should require at least two actions before it can be opened and thereby limiting the chance of small kids gaining access to any unsafe areas in the house. It may not be an easy task but it is worth it when it comes to the safety of your kids.

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