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Toddlers are Good at Interior Paintings

It is so easy to catch and know whether there’s a toddler living in the house. It is not just being about being labeled as the terrible twos (pointing to the age of toddlers when they start their tantrums), it is also the time when they want to write or color something, not only on papers and books but also on the walls as well. They can be good at interior paintings, I presume.

In fact, it is well noted already and is very much evident on the walls in our bedroom, near the door in the kitchen, close to the TV in our living room, on the side of the window and the walls along the stairs. The sad thing is that, it is so hard to remove it and if ever you successfully remove them, it won’t take that long for you see another interior paintings designed by toddlers. I guess we just have to be patient and should wait a little more while after he goes to school before we start the cleaning up of the entire walls in the house.

I am just hoping that when our son turns three in five months, we can be able to control his behavior already as he only listen, most of the time, to his father. But there are many times that we have to repetitively berate him as he won’t listen and if he does, he will do it again after several minutes. He really is at the stage of terrible twos.

Invest Your Money Wisely

Although the economy of some countries starts to stabilize and on the way to recovery yet there are still others struggling to bounce back. And it is undeniable that those countries whose economy was badly shaken up could still affect the others and it is still advisable (although I am not a financial expert) to invest your hard earned money wisely.

At first, our target is to buy gold dollar coins as our investment scheme or plan considering the quick upward trend of gold prices in the market. But then we still have to dispose this valuable metal if in case we want to back home for good. So we thought of other alternatives and I always heard people talking about the stock market. Then I started my own study and research on how to start and the way around it.

And it has been several months now that we started investing in stock market and even it was only a small amount investment but we are able to see already the difference and the growth of what we have invested. And I would say that you cannot get this kind of gain if you just put your money in the bank even if it is time deposit. The only thing with stock market is that you must not be greedy and when you already achieved your target goal then you know what to do with it.

Upgrading the Fiber Optic System

It was early this month when our internet service provider came to the house to upgrade the system that was already a fiber optic. In general, it went smoothly as they have replaced everything including the TV receiver and more to it, is the installation of the new wireless router. All of it at no cost and no additional monthly expenses to shoulder.

Although there was a little glitch and was never resolve as the technician wasn’t able to successfully reconnect our laptop wirelessly. But the good thing is that I can now use my Galaxy II to connect in the internet, which I haven’t done in the previous one.

The following day, hubby was able to fix it and we are able to use the wireless connection of the laptop although it was very slow. My husband would say that it would take ages before it can open a single webpage yet it is quite fast when it is wired. The funny thing that hubby learned why the technician wasn’t able to connect it is that, he did not install the CD for the new router. That was really hilarious why it did not come across his mind knowing that he is a trained technician.

This just reminded me to tell hubby of calling the company so it can be reported that our wireless connection is very slow so we can watch movies again in a louder speaker.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

Being Practical in Credit Crunch Economy

Planning for a party is always a daunting task to do, with so many things to bear in mind including the decorative materials that not only comes nowadays. So it is always a burden especially when you are the only one doing all the work and it is always best to have someone take charge of something. It does not only alleviates the weight of the tasks that you’ve taken up and carried but it, so does all the time, give more options on what to do and have.

Lately, I was busy making some party adorning for the surprise birthday gathering of my friend’s husband when a neighbor suggested some cheap labels for the tarp that doesn’t jeopardize the quality and aesthetic. It indeed saves somehow in her expenses especially nowadays that economic crisis is still looming and felt in many household pockets. It is also better to explore other stores as well before grabbing what you can see in one outlet especially those items or stuff that can only be used once. I think it is not about trying to buy cheap materials but more so on being practical in this credit crunch economy with skyrocketing prices of household commodities.

How You Can Travel More Frequently

Travelling is quite expensive even on these days, so planning is an integral part of any travel itinerary that you plan to have. But nowadays, is much better than those days way back then as there are already many competing companies that are willing to bring you to your dream destinations. So don’t miss to grab the opportunity when it knocks on your door as it seldom comes your way and with many discount deals available, for sure it will bring huge savings in your financial planning.

It is indeed a big relief in the financial woes of many families when companies offer deals that are hard to resist. You can even make big savings with discount codes when you book your dream vacation online. And since almost everything is done thru the internet already, it is a huge solace to many and every travelers as it can divert or use the extra bucks for other needs. And the more travelers coming in, it will lead to increase tourist arrivals and that could stabilize or increase the economy of such destination.