Monthly Archives: December 2012

Mr. Pogi Pose

The Christmas Party we have yesterday was a success and everyone was having fun not only the kids with their games and their gifts. The kids and adults alike are also having great time dancing the gangnam style. During the exchange of gifts everyone were surprise to see our little boy make a pose of his own without telling him to do so.


Preventing the Aging Process

In this digital world, every thing is no longer impossible not to be done and you can in fact do almost anything that if we look back in the Stone Age, many thought that it is very impossible and difficult to achieve. Just like the room temperature that you can regulate them at your desired coolness and humidity. There are some contraptions like humidor that can be use to control and maintain a certain humidity especially when you want to store something.

This is also important to some places where the altitude is high and the humidity is low. This device will counteract the effects of what high altitude brought on things and foods so the moisture content will be maintained. You can commonly see this in cigar stores and storage so to have and maintain a relative humidity to prevent the possibility of tobacco beetles from hatching. At the same time it can also prevent and slow the aging process of cigars.

Candle Light for Everyone

Just a quick post for the very hectic schedule I have today for the preparation in our Christmas Party later on tonight. I am hoping that everyone will have a Merry Christmas and a safe holidays as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

A candle light for everyone especially to those who are affected by typhoon Pablo.

Wearing School Uniforms Everyday

I consider myself quite lucky to have studied in private schools all throughout my school years. During Grade School and High School I wore a uniform. When I was in college, I was able to experience dressing up and expressing my individuality since I no longer wore a uniform. I remember waking up feeling excited to go to school because I’d wear my stylish clothes and shoes. Many people might agree with me that a school uniform has its advantages and disadvantages. Parents don’t have to spend so much on clothes if their kids wear uniforms. Another advantage would be that kids get used to following a rule. Getting dressed doesn’t take too long either.

However, there are also disadvantages like not being able to show one’s individuality and how it gets boring if you wear the same look every day. Furthermore, it’s hard to recognize where a certain child is located in a crowd since they’re all dressed the same. Some children may also feel uncomfortable when wearing a uniform and this may somehow affect their learning. For schools that do have uniforms, they often buy french toast uniforms for their students because it’s America’s leading brand known for its high quality and affordable prices.

Thinking of Foods for the Holiday

Since the holiday is just around the corner, all I have in mind is the food that we need to prepare for the Christmas Party that we’re going to have right in front of the house. This will be another Filipino Christmas celebration and another get together too. The only thing is that hubby is still sick and no one could take a snapshot of the foods that we prepare so I instead use the pictures that he shoot before.

Happy Holidays everyone and may you have a good santa tracker gadgets so you’ll get a presents from him.