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Feeling Refreshed Through a Body Massage

Traveling to different places is fun and exciting but it’s also exhausting. Travelers often spend their days sightseeing, shopping, eating, and learning about the cultures of the countries they’re visiting. Come night time they’re totally spent. So as a way of relieving tension and to feel more relaxed, a body massage is very much needed. Some people prefer a simple hand or foot massage but having a full body massage is the best. There are a lot of spas and salons offering massage services but it’s best to first make sure that they’re done by professionals like massage therapists, athletic trainers, and physical therapists.

There are many types of massages that came from different countries. Probably the best known is the Swedish massage or classic massage. If you go to Japan, you can get their traditional Japanese massage called the Anma massage or you can try the Shiatsu which sometimes makes use of the feet on the client’s back, legs, and feet. India has the Ayurvedic massage which incorporates massage, yoga, meditation, and herbal remedies. If you travel to Thailand, try to get a Nuad Boran or Thai massage which combines yoga, acupressure, and reflexology. Full body massages are usually done in 30 minutes. Sometimes they last up to an hour. Whatever part of the world you’re traveling to, you’re sure to get a relaxing massage to revitalize you and get you through the remainder of your journey.

Image from wikimedia commons.

Still Running Even Injured

When Seth got injured earlier this month, I was really scared but I am still fortunate enough that my husband is there to calm everything down. He is a nurse, that’s why I am confident when he checked our son. Although there was a fracture in his left collar bone but at least it is just a minor case. And despite of it we still cannot stop our son from running around and riding on his toy car even with only one arm.

And I think if he only has a toy horse, he surely will ride on the back as well even without a real english saddle on it. But I think that will not happen in the near future until he is old enough to know the difference between safety and risk prone. Right now, we are planning of getting him a bicycle instead with two supporting wheels on the side so he will not flip-over when he starts to pedal on the street outside the house.

We are also lucky that the street here in our community is safe from motorist as they respect the kids playing around. They will slow down and sometimes will stop just to let the kids cross.

Flower Decoration

I must admit that the modern world, especially the internet, has been a big help for stay at home moms. Not just it gives you other means in helping in the family’s finances but it also provides enormous choices of home decor ideas. In fact, the concepts that I have in redecorating our walls, all came from the world wide web. The vast amount of ideas that you can find in the internet is just huge and endless. What I like most is the never ending flow of concepts from selfless individuals that contributed to the growing amount of DIY picture.

For now, I have done more enhancements to the entire house already and not just in our walls but also in the arrangement of foods inside our refrigerator. I was able to segregate it well and giving more spaces in the freezer. And the funny thing was, I started all these home improvement thing with only a small stuff using paper towels in making different colors of flower. The next thing I know, I started buying more for my DIY projects and all of them came from the internet. I also recycled bottles, tin can (big and small) and cardboard boxes for this project of mine. I even use the old rubber floor mat of our son as wall décor.

Seth: The Best Imitator

Each day that passes by, I saw our son growing so fast and it was just like only yesterday that he was still crawling on his crib and now, he’s already running around the house. The only thing is that it poses so much risk on his safety as he easily can trip over and bumps on the wall or anything that’s something hard. So in order to keep him still in one place we bought him a table and a pair of chairs for him to start writing on his magnetic drawing board. And one day, I will not be surprised if he will ask for an iPad Mini.

Another thing that I observed from him is he imitates me when I applied perfume on myself so I bought him cologne for kids. It’s not a designer kind though for he don’t understand it yet as of the moment so it is better that way. But I guess the lacoste mens cologne might be suitable for my husband since he is not into perfumes with strong scents. In fact, he is not even using his perfume most of the time and would just rely on the scent of the lotion that he is using.

Image from wikimedia commons.

Going Back to the Aqua Park

Going back to the aqua park would be a perfect family getaway for the three of us and at least stay away from the presidential debate on CNN. I’ve been telling my husband that should go back there soon since the weather is no longer hot and humid. In fact, we already started using our comforter again as it starts to get colder at night.

Yet, in as much as we want our son to get out of the house, we cannot just let him play outside because of the harsh weather condition in where we are. It is well known that out son is suffering from atopic dermatitis that could flare up when he is exposed to harsh weather conditions. His skin will easily dry up in both cold and hot environment so we constantly apply moisturizer on his skin and there’s only one moisturizer the suits his skin. We have tried almost all kinds of moisturizer on his skin even those that needs prescription but no one seems to ease up his skin problem except for Cetaphil Restoraderm Body Moisturizer.

By the way, I don’t get any kind of compensation from Cetaphil with this post. This is based on our experience since the time the rashes on our son’s skin started when he was still about 2 or 3 months old and now he is already 2 years old. It is the only moisturizer that minimizes our son’s Eczema and that it really fits for his skin. The only thing is that, a bottle of Cetaphil’s 299 ml body moisturizer is quite expensive that retails at around $32 – $34 (depending on the pharmacy). More so that it is not available here in our place and he still have to get it from the Philippines.