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Artworks Depicting Ancestry and History

For many travelers, a visit to the city museum is something that they should never miss. Visiting a new city or a new country entails a lot of planning on accommodations, adventure, food as well as culture exploration and the best way of learning more about the place is to visit their museum. Such places houses not only artifacts and relics that showcase their history but also the local artists by displaying painting, photographs and other works of art. Many of these artists may not be popular but their works are as exquisite and grand as the lds artist see online.

Similar to how most Museum arts depict history and culture of a place, LDS art is also one way of getting to know more about Zionist ancestry, history and heroes. These paintings and pictures are usually displayed for others to draw spiritual strength from them. One cannot help but admire how stories can be shown and depicted in simple media. You may find the same type of artworks from a Mormon’s home, and it truly shows the importance these expressions of love for them.  Many art collectors have inclinations for these types of artworks. It is not unusual for some to collect works that they can significantly relate to and finding collectible art pieces can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. This is probably one of the reasons why prices of artworks can easily go up depending on their rarity and antiquity, yet with a growing number of artists, more people can find the perfect piece of art for their homes.

A Modern Touch of Technology

I was able to talk with a close friend of mine the other day and during the conversation he said that during his free weekends, he tend to do a lot of things at home from gardening to fixing broken chairs, replacing shower heads to repainting some furniture. And just this weekend, he was rearranging around some furniture from left to right but still wasn’t satisfied with it and did not get the arrangement that he was looking for. He tried removing some of the décor in one area and it did a little.

Then he saw in one corner his old tubed TV set. And since it occupies bigger space then that one too has to go. So he bought another set that is much wider but slimmer to keep it from taking up so much space. As he was describing it to me, I can only imagine how slim it was that it might looked just like a picture frame. Several months ago, I was able to buy an LED TV with similar features of his that includes a mounting bracket and now my wife wanted to make use of it so our son won’t be able to reach it. One good thing about the wall bracket is that it can be extended and tilted for ease in viewing wherever you sit around the area.

This might be one of the plans of my wife since she is very active into DIY projects these days. Almost everything in the house has been redesigned and improved with some coming from recycled materials and old rubber mats of our son. I would say that our house has dramatically changed by its additions especially the wall decors. It has upgraded the look and when the wall mounting bracket for the TV is finally in place it will have a modern touch of technology on the wall.

Going Out With a Handyman

I bumped into a familiar face in a hardware store yesterday. He was my classmate back in grade school and he was there looking for good floor tiles for his new home. He told me that he is almost done with the project (that is if you consider 50% as almost done).

We went around the store to look for the right tiles and some things that he might need for the project. He is also a handy man that’s why we made more stop and look than any other customers there. He bought some new tools, supplies to fix leaky faucet in the garden, extra rubber gaskets, sump pump for the drain and some garden décor like solar powered garden lamps and resin cast dwarves. I had so much fun going around since I am also a handyman myself.

I have a wall of tools back home, from gardening to carpentry, plumbing to masonry, and basic electronics to arts and crafts. Every time I visit a mall or my wife goes shopping, I always make it sure that the mall has a hardware department where I can also go around window shopping. This is one tip I can give to newlyweds to avoid getting bored tagging along with your wife at the make-up section or the lingerie department.

A Contemporary Modern House

The journey of a close friend to the north to visit his friend was worthwhile despite the humps and bumps on the way and it took them nearly two hours to get there. He said that the place was so warm and inviting; the mahogany trees around the house seemed to reach out across to give a good shade in the 1000 square meter property. The house design was more like of an American country home with wind shutters on every window, a porch with a side table beside a traditional rocking chair.

But the interior was a bit surprising, it has a little of everything like retro-modern touch on the reading corner, Mediterranean nook for the antique collections of the old folks, colorful shelves for the movie collection across the room and stylish furniture on the receiving area. It is a confluence of style and genre rolled into one.

It is a place where one would really cherish the time spent in this enclave. The aroma of brewed roasted japonicum grains gracefully embraced the wisp of the good old memories as they open yearbooks and photo albums of the adventures and also the misadventures of the group. The sequel of their gathering was already in the pan as more and more batch-mates pledged to join the meet after seeing pictures of their fun filled get together with a long lost buddy.

Imposing Home Wall Carvings

Most contemporary Asian homes  has a touch of its cultural background which is represented in  various forms, be it a ceramic ware, metal art, earthen jars or oil pitchers that are used for some rituals, ethnic art etched on ironwood or maybe just a simple wall carving that shows how their ancestors thrived in those times. These art relics fetch a hefty price that any genuine art collector would not even bother to bargain since they immediately acknowledge the effort in creating the intricate designs and its wonderful craftsmanship.

Displaying these arts as wall carvings will enhance the emotional feel of your home. It acts as a focal point or the center piece of the barren white walls of the living space. It becomes the initial subject of the guests before they start the formal catching-up with friends and family members. And can even start a long story to tell for every visitor coming in the corridor.

Simple furniture may down play the scene by creating a harmonious connection between them. Earth tone accents on the windows and trimmings may help neutralize traffic of colors within the room. And finally the presence of large windows that go full swing during warm season provides the ultimate ventilation the room needs for good air exchange.