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Majestic Ancestral House

A close friend just told me that they recently visited an old friend who lives in the suburbs of northern Cebu. It took them about 2 hours and a half to get there instead of only one and a half due to the rehabilitation of some roads. When they reached the town, an array of majestic ancestral houses that lined the streets of the north side by side with the century old rain trees shadowing over and across the narrow path, greeted us. Another turn and they’re in his friend’s humble abode which was constructed last 2009 in his 1000 square meter property.

He said that it stood on a rocky terrain that made it more stable and standing tall at 2 levels with an attic. Its walls are painted in white hallelujah and have laminate flooring that reflects light from the high ceilings which adds to the wide feel of the living space. Decorative planters were distributed around the receiving area going towards the family room. Antique furniture is a common sight since his friend’s folks are collectors of sorts

 Although some rooms are suited up for a modern look, it still emanates the sense of ease and comfort. And the kids really had a great sleep-over as well as the adult too. He said that it was indeed an awesome experience to be in the ancestral house as they chat the night away, catching up for lost times and remembering their good ol’memories.

A Place for the Family

A home should be the place where every member of the family can find comfort and convenience. The house should not only offer security but everyone should find love and equal respect inside their very own home. In making these things possible, parents must see to it that their kids grow up seeing and feeling these elements inside the household. The atmosphere inside every home must be nurturing for a child to feel secure and protected.

Having a home that fits the family’s lifestyle is maybe one of the things that most parents wanted to provide for their children. It may not be expensive or grand but as long as it serves their purpose and provides the needed protection for the family, it can be sufficient. Buying decorative pieces and styling the house in a manner can make the environment relaxed and peaceful for everyone in the family.

The relationship of each and every member of the family can be affected by the way they treat each other and with the things around them. Having the right amount of sleep at night can greatly help in having the right state of mind. With the comfortable and stylish bedding sets provided in every room in the house, means that each and everyone can be assured of a comfortable night rest and a peaceful morning.

Catching-up the lost Times

Family reunions are one of the activities that is much awaited and cherished especially in close-knit families. It brings back memories that in one way or another helped mold us to what we are today. Almost everyone is so eager to share to the family all the good things that had happened to them and also the not so good happenings in their respective lives. Sharing old jokes and horror stories just reminds us of how we laugh out loud till we turn blue gasping out for air, or how we cower in fear of the fictional boogeyman in the closet.

During night time, the cousins most of the times sleeps together on the floor except for the young ones who likely have baby sleeping problems or they just could not sleep due to the continuous babbling of their older cousins catching-up for the lost times. Then the same routine will be repeated in the next few days or few weeks and before they know it, vacation is almost over, they have to pack again and get back to reality that they have their own responsibilities to face, deadlines to catch-up, sales reports to accomplish, expense reports to submit before the allowance runs out. At least for a moment we were able to get a breather from all the toxic schedules this world has to offer.

The Modern Life with Technology

Kids nowadays are more independent than before. They seem to know what is really good for them considering their age. This I guess is probably due to the influence they get from new breed of educators in schools, school medical staff who are now more active in educating the school children regarding the benefits of good dental hygiene. They go room to room, giving small talks about the importance of optimum dental health, they do role playing skits for the kids, film showing and distribution of free dental products that they could use to try on what they have just learned.

Recently, a friend of mine took his son to their dentist and as usual his son is at ease since they frequent in the clinic to have a quick check on how he’s doing with his brushing and flossing. Doing it really helps in eliminating the fear of the child of dentists. And the dental clinics nowadays are friendlier with ergonomic chairs that are so comfortable sitting on it, just like you are in your home recliners that are so easy, soft and relaxing.

Nowadays, more and more companies are focusing and or making it as their dynamic goal to put customer’s convenience and satisfaction as the top priority to entice them to go back and shop again at them. Having a good customer service would really put you on top of everyone and will eventually be recognized by many consumers.

The Economic Uncertainties

When you talk about Asia, more often than not, Japan always comes to mind and this may be due to its overwhelming power in the industrial realm as well as the economic growth over the years on top of the other countries. Japan’s economy was the first to become industrialized while the rising Asian tigers -Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and later on China merely followed in its tracks.

But now after some natural disaster and its after effect, Japan is now steadily overtaken. Due to this, some large companies in Asia do not want to take risk and that is the reason why there is a sudden growth of inquiries for insurance quotes and services from reliable financial companies. One good thing about it is that they can now avail of it fast and easy thru the internet and other form of electronic media.

The present standing of these powerful Asian countries in terms of financial stability may change over the years or less and this depends on the leaders who always look for the progress of one’s country and not for self-gratuity. But that alone is quite a long shot either and it is still difficult to entrust everything to the politicians for we don’t know when their minds would change and that happens all the time.