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What to Know about Child Restraint System

  • Adjust the front passenger seat so that it does not interfere with the child restraint system or child seat.
  • Attach a child seat to the rear seat of the vehicle as tightly as possible so that the child will not wobble or fall forward.
  • Adjust the harness straps on the child seat so that they are free from twists and do not rest against the child’s neck.
  • If the driver’s seat interferes with the child seat and prevents from being installed correctly, install the child seat on the rear seat behind the front passenger seat.
  • Never install a rear-facing child seat to the front passenger seat under any circumstances. When it is attached to the front passenger seat and the airbag deploys, the force will press against the back of the child seat causing a life-threatening injuries.
  • In case you must attach a child seat in the front passenger seat, make sure that it is installed facing forward. Always move the seat as far back as possible because the front passenger airbag could inflate with considerable speed and force.

Child seat usage reduces fatalities by 75%

Use a child seat that properly fits your child.

     Data from Japan Institute for traffic Accident Research and Analysis Center
  • When using a booster seat, always make sure the shoulder belt is positioned across the center of the child’s shoulder. The belt should be kept away from the child’s neck, but not falling off the child’s shoulder.

Brighten Your Mood with Food

Have you heard of the adage which says “You are what you eat”? I think there is truth to that. The food that you eat affects how you look. You know that, which is why you avoid those double-decker cheeseburgers and chocolate milk shakes. But being thin isn’t everything. Eating enough of the essentials will keep you humming a happy tune instead of doing the blues. In our surroundings, we have a lot of good sources of natural mood enhancers, sometimes called as party enhancers.

On the other hand, there’s also the synthetic version, the ones that are manufactured using artificial ingredients that mimics the effect of the natural enhancers like K6 herbal incense. Or it could be a 50/50 mixture. Most of them are used in rock concerts, wild parties and even in rituals or spiritual ceremonies. Some spas are also using spiritual powders made by Herbal City LLC for detox or as mood lifting aromas that takes you to a calm and relaxed state of mind.

Manufacturers oftentimes claim that it is safe to use anytime but it is always better to be on the safe road. It’s one of the reasons also why I prefer natural foods for Seth than rely much on artificial ingredients.

Seth in the Baby Carrier

As I want to keep on writing for this blog I stumble in a blog that hosts a meme that they called “Wednesday White”. It’s anything that is or has white color. So I decided to join with my son as the subject on his white polo shirt during his first birthday.

His grandpa put him in his cousin’s baby carrier and he is too big already yet he’s enjoying the ride.


Bridging the Language Gap

Working and living in a country where English is not the primary language can sometimes cause friction among co-workers and employers and even with the locals. There are times too when both hubby and I encounter people from other countries that do not speak the English language and we find it difficult to communicate with them. The language barrier can really be sometimes a hindrance to our transactions, business deals and other activities.

This does not only affect us personally but to some companies as well. Some businesses, to be able to effectively communicate with their partners around the globe, have to hire for example French translation agency, to bridge the language gap. These translation service companies are very helpful in achieving mutual understanding. They employ experts in language translation, proficient proofreaders and editors as they also provide legal, medical, financial and technical translations.

As a mom, these translation services also come in handy to me. Some of my son’s toys and stuff have other languages printed in their labels and in manuals, and because translation services are now readily available, instructions and other printed labels can be easily understood. I don’t have to worry about what to and not to do with my son’s stuff because product labels are already translated to English.